Most Americans are ignorant of the real dangers to our American freedom, the real solutions, and the right change. Once they understand these dangers and their causes, with solutions, they CAN bring about the right change.

10 Steps FOR Freedom is a very practical 10-step plan to assist you and your friends in rebuilding an understanding of America's foundations of freedom. Included in the package is a short introductory DVD, which explains the program and gives a summary of each of the films. Five action items plus five films are used to educate you about fundamental issues concerning our country and then give you ideas of how you can stay informed, communicate this to others, and take action which is essential for freedom!

5 Steps + 5 Films = 10 Steps FOR Freedom

An in-home study that will equip you to become one of many Americans building a critical mass of understanding of the clear and present dangers to America, the blessing of liberty and freedom, and the hope of a better future:

  1. Come together with friends, family, or neighbors, for 5 evenings of watching and discussing the 5 films of the 10 Steps FOR Freedom Program.
  2. Make it a practice DAILY to listen to talk radio, and subscribe to one or more weekly/monthly conservative publications like Human Events, Newsmax, World or The Washington Times, etc. Use the Internet to keep well informed - WorldNetDaily;;; Family Research Council; or others.
  3. Pray for the U.S. and its leaders individually and in groups. Consider II Chronicles 7:14
  4. Join with others in an action group that gets together to take action such as contacting elected officials, calling-in on talk radio, writing letters to newspapers, attending local public policy forums, or liking us on Facebook.
  5. Get to know those shaping public policy - school board, teachers, state legislators, congressmen and senators. Provide them with your insights. Develop a friendly relationship with them - help him/her to understand the greatness and goodness of America by sharing with them the information you have gained.

Will you take these 5 steps with us and rebuild America with these 5 films?

These films WILL help to rebuild an understanding of America's foundations of freedom by discussing America's missile defense; radical Islam's war against the west; choosing wealth over poverty; why America is free; and how America won in the twentieth century.

Available for a special price of $59.00 (postage paid). (Includes an introductory DVD, 5 films and a study guide with discussion questions).